Elizabeth I. Del Rosario

Storyboard Artist / Storyboard Revisionist

Email: [email protected]

Elizabeth Del Rosario

[email protected]

A versatile storyboard artist that possesses a strong sense of visual comedy, a keen eye for shot composition, and a talent for dynamic character acting. Values proactive communication, excels in quick turnarounds, and skilled at creative problem-solving in both individual and collaborative team capacities.

Work Experience

Rooster Teeth

Storyboard Artist | August 2023 - Present

Rooster Teeth: Camp Camp Season 5

  • Collaborate with director to thumbnail and storyboard episodes

Renegade Animation

Storyboard Artist / Storyboard Revisionist | March 2021 - December 2022

Nickleodeon: Bossy Bear Season 1
Age of Learning: ABC Mouse

  • Complete director's revision notes, including plusing characters' acting to match VO delivery, hooking up character poses, cleaning up off-model board drawings, and reboarding sequences when necessary.

  • Responsible for reboarding musical sequences, adding additional character dancing and choreography to match song demos.

  • Drop in VO takes and roughly time before the board is sent to editorial.

  • Assist the vendor studio in completing revisions to episode animatics.


Storyboard / Animatic Artist / Background Artist | May 2015 - January 2022

Octopie: The Stockholms Season 1
VRV: The Cyanide & Happiness Show Season 2, 3, 4
Youtube: The Cyanide & Happiness Shorts
SyFy: Purgatony Season 1
Facebook Watch: News to Me Season 1

  • Work closely with directors and writers to translate scripts into visual boards.

  • Compose shots with key poses and acting to capture story points and visual gags.

  • Time boards to include voice acting, temp music, and sfx to create animatics.

  • Assist as additional Background Artist as production necessitated.

Lowbrow Studios

Storyboard Artist / Storyboard Revisionist / Background Artist | January 2017 - Present

Cartuna: Human Kind Of Season 1
TruTV: Adam Ruins Everything Season 2, 3
WWE Network: Story Time Season 2, 3
MTV2: High Crimes Season 1
SyFy: Wildlife Season 1
Connect Our Kids: All Connected

  • Collaborate remotely between Lowbrow Studios and their clients to create animatics.

  • Work both independently and in collaboration with other freelance artists on animatics.

  • As Storyboard Revisionist, apply notes and fixes to existing storyboards.

Octopie Studios

Storyboard Artist | June 2019 - July 2019
  • Work directly with Octopie Studios to create storyboards and timed animatics using a provided radioplay.

  • Helped to plus jokes outlined in the script as well as include new gags.


  • Toonboom Storyboard Pro
  • Adobe Animate
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere


The University of Texas at Dallas

May 2015 B.A. Arts and Technology / Visual Arts Minor