Elizabeth I. Del Rosario

Storyboard Artist / Storyboard Revisionist

Email: [email protected]

Ellar - The Littlest Rogue

Ellar, a miniscule rogue, must sneak their way through a dilapidated castle in search of treasure, while avoiding alerting the beast within.

Bonus little board & animatic featuring this tiny hero! Voice Over provided by Charlyne Yi.

Littlest Rogue Walk Cycle

Simple walk-cycle of this tiny adventurer.

Nickelodeon: Bossy Bear

Storyboards I created for Bossy Bear on Nickelodeon. Please email me for the password.

All Connected - Educational Explainer Animatic

Educational explainer animatic explaining the effects of trauma.

Cyanide & Happiness Shorts - Explosm

Side by Side comparisons of the storyboards and animatics I created for Explosm, next to the final shorts.

Stockholms S01E01 Animatic Side By Side

The storyboards cut together into an animatic beside the final episode for The Stockholms Ep 1 from Explosm.

Cat Sneer

A hefty cat watches a bird outside its window.

Late Night Animal Crossing Aesthetic

A little animated slice-of-life painting.